No needle treatments

No-needle cosmetic treatments for your skin are totally noninvasive and safe. It’s the perfect solution if you want to achieve the best condition of your skin without any pain.


Chemical peels

Chemical peels, the standard of anti-aging treatment, help with many skin problems. They stimulate exfoliation and cell renewal processes, making the skin shiny, refreshed and radiant. As a result of peeling, the damaged layer of cells is exfoliated and replaced by new cells, which helps to overcome or reduce skin defects. The production of extracellular matrix components: glycosaminoglycans, collagen and elastin is also increased, which improves the condition of the dermis and has a positive effect on its external appearance. Chemical peeling reduces acne scars and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, also improves skin tone and texture, evens out discoloration and smoothes wrinkles.
Peels reduce discoloration and wrinkles, making small scars or stretch marks less visible.The use of peels prevents the deposition of layers of dead epidermis on the skin surface. It also increases the effectiveness of subsequent treatments.


  • Acne
  • Discoloration (freckles, chloasma, lentil stains, post-inflammatory discoloration)
  • Solar damage
  • Age-related skin damage: wrinkles, loss of skin firmness
  • Scars
  • Blackhead and maculopapular acne


  • soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improve skin tone and texture
  • help treat acne
  • reduce the appearance of scars
  • fade pigmentation marks
  • elimination of signs of aging
  • reveal healthier, younger-looking skin.
  • skin rejuvenation
  • discoloration
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Hydra facial

The action of active hydrogen allows you to reduce the excess of free radicals, too much of which contributes to premature skin aging. The method of operation used in the Aquametiq hydra prime device perfectly cleanses the skin and has a moisturizing effect. The method of operation used in the device is based mainly on the penetration of hydrogen into the deeper layers of the skin structure, which takes place thanks to a saturated stream of water, additionally ensuring deep exfoliation. Thanks to this, we not only obtain better treatment results, but also protect our skin against premature aging.

Free radicals bind with hydrogen ions to form water and oxygen. It should be noted that there is no molecule that could equally effectively eliminate the effect of free radicals on the surface of the skin.


  • cleanses the skin,
  • neutralizes excess free radicals,
  • protects against premature aging,
  • effective in problems with scars,
  • ensures skin rejuvenation,
  • lifting and nourishing effect,
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Smart Aging massage

The best anti aging alternative without a scalpel or injection.
Smart Aging Massage with elements of Japanese Kobido massage – non-surgical face tifting.
It is a very popular face modeling technique in aesthetic cosmetology, which involves working on the muscles that determine the firmness and tension of the skin.
Thanks to the stimulation of the muscles, the blood and oxygen flow is improved, and the skin gains a beautiful color and glow. In addition, the relaxed muscle smoothes the skin structures, and we gain a radiant appearance.

Massage is a number of unique techniques lasting a total of 40 minutes, combined with a treatment – 60 minutes.

Stage 1
Deep tissue massage, which is designed to reduce muscle tension, smooth lines and wrinkles along with deep relaxation, thanks to which we remove tension from our body, improve circulation and oxygenate the skin.

Stage 2
Techniques of intensive work on the muscles, where we remove all tension and perform a stimulating training with the movements of pulling and lifting the muscles.

Stage 3
Drainage and acupressure elements. Work on individual points that also have a health aspect.
Thanks to the massage, we can:
– Reduce muscle tension that causes mimic wrinkles
– Stimulate cellular metabolism, thanks to which our skin will regenerate faster
– Collagen and elastin stimulation
– Restoring a healthy and youthful appearance

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Facial Sushi Ceremony treatments

Sushi Ceremony is an effective therapy for the mature skin and complexion with pigmentation problem, but also sensual feast for the lovers of Japan.

This Ceremony allows you to travel to the peaceful and harmonious homeland of Geishas, assuring a moment of freedom from every day’s worries. The line possesses an extraordinarily active key ingredient – oryzanol, a substance extracted from rice germs. Its power lies in the high antioxidant index which promotes microcirculation and helps reduce fine lines. During ritual special Alpine Plant Extract fights against hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E together with hyaluronic acid smooth the lines making the skin look firm and radiant. The unique, harmonizing face massage, based on the shiatsu techniques, assures full relaxation. It restores balance of the energy flow and enables conscious contact with the inner self.

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The scientific basis for effective care
HYDRO-LIGHT TECHNOLOGY is a key element of our care philosophy and the result of a scientific approach to skin cell renewal processes.

Thanks to expert knowledge and advanced research on the use of the main component of cells – water – HYDRA-LIGHT was developed. It is based on water molecules, which as a result of special processes receive the best, 100% form in terms of energy efficiency in the skin cell renewal processes. Thanks to the HYDRA-LIGHT features, it is possible to improve the interaction with biologically key molecules in skin cells, which affects the structure, stability and quality of the processes taking place between active proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids in skin cells.

The main benefits of using HYDRA-LIGHT are:
Increasing oxygenation of cells
Strengthening the processes of cell growth and revitalization
Increasing the absorption of active ingredients
Thanks to the improvement of the quality of the natural processes taking place in the skin cells, the

HYDRO-LIGHT technology is the secret of deep and long-lasting hydration of the skin. As a result, it prevents skin aging, rebuilds tissues and increases its elasticity. This is the best skin hydration available from the inside with the effects visible on the outside. As a result of the use of HYDRA-LIGHT preparations, cell renewal processes are induced towards their best efficiency, so that the skin looks fresh, natural and radiant. This was the goal of the HYDRA-LIGHT creators, because the appearance of your skin should reflect the wonder of beauty that nature has encoded in it.

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